Although no official numbers are known, and Google will make sure we never know them, Stadia’s welcome has not been as warm as the big G would have liked.

Now Google has permanently lowered the price of the Stadia Premiere Edition package, although losing some of its content along the way. The pack has decreased its price from 130 dollars to 99.99 dollars. It still includes the official Google Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra device to use the service on the TV. However, the three months of the Stadia Pro subscription are no longer included in the package; the cost of three months is 30 euros, the same price as the discount.

“Instead of including a code for Stadia Pro in Premiere Edition, new users can get Stadia Pro for free by registering at,” can be read on the official product website. In April of this year Google started a promotion, framed in the actions to make the isolation during the coronavirus more bearable, to offer two months of Stadia Pro free to all those who register on the web. As of June 3rd, it was extended: anyone who registers will get their first month of Stadia Pro for free.

The Stadia Pro subscription offers three things. First, better picture and sound quality in games, which can be viewed at up to 4K resolution (on TV and computer), using HDR and 5.1 surround sound; versus 1080p resolution and stereo sound in the free Stadia version. Second, free games are added to the user’s account every month like on Playstation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, and additional discounts on catalogue titles.


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