The recent release of God of War on PlayStation 4 was not only successful in terms of criticism, but also in terms of sales.

Sony has announced that during its first three days, the game sold 3.1 million copies and became the exclusive PS4 game that has been sold so far in this generation.

This number is remarkable in itself, but it is always good to see things in perspective. Uncharted 4, another of Sony’s biggest hits, sold 2.7 million units during the first week of its premiere in 2016. Horizon Zero Dawn, another large exclusive achieved 2.6 million in its first two weeks, although in that case it was a brand new and not a sequel.

And Gran Turismo Sport? There are no official figures from that game, but some not so reliable estimates indicate that it would have achieved a million copies in its first week.

These numbers of other games do nothing but highlight the achievement of God of War, which is a game without multiplayer or extra aggregates; just an extensive campaign that lasts more than 30 hours, full of content around the history of Kratos.

And in addition, God of War reinvented many of the ideas already known in the franchise, such as combat and especially, the perspective of the camera.

The good thing is that this new version of God of War is not going to end here and we may see more Nordic stories of Kratos or Atreus in the future. I wish it so.


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