Classics always lead their fans to cross limits. The latest example of this is Minecraft. In this game the basic thing, will say a player of initial level, is to collect resources by destroying blocks. That way we get resources and we can move forward.

But a veteran player has preferred to challenge himself: is it possible to finish Minecraft without destroying a single block with the peak?

Spikyhedgey or Hedgey (the first is his name in Reddit and the second in YouTube) is this Minecraft fan who set out to finish the game without doing mining, that is, without breaking a single block. He has achieved it and shows it on both social networks.

Without destroying blocks serves to obtain resources, Hedgey had to resort to other strategies. He visited villages to collect materials he might need later. To get materials from buckets without extracting them himself, he had the creepers explode and then simply collect them. The same goes for the creature’s remains, which he would then use to make TNT blocks. Then, with the help of a bucket and lava Spikyhedgey got the obsidian blocks he needed to open a portal to Nether. In this way he was able to enter the search for enemies to defeat and thus accumulate the objects that later served to invoke the final chief.

On the other hand, our gamer proved to be very skillful with the bow and, to avoid falls that would have been lethal, he used the bucket very well.

All that and a little luck, too.


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