The new PlayStation 4 video games that are planned to be released from July must also be compatible with PS5, or at least that is a “recommendation” that Sony has extended to the creative people working on its games platform.

Always taking into account this information not confirmed by PlayStation, the mention refers to the certification process required to obtain permission to publish on the console. All games applying for certification from July 13th onwards must also be compatible with PlayStation 5, which Sony clarifies means that they must have all the options seen in the original video game intact.

Although this measure is not mandatory for games that have been certified before the date indicated, PlayStation “strongly recommends” that these titles also add PS5 compatibility. To better illustrate this measure, a game as expected as Ghost of Tsushima will be released in July, but it has passed certification before the date indicated. This means that it was not obliged to be PS5 compatible, although being one of the great PlayStation exclusives, it is logical to think that it will be part of the catalogue of the future console of the Japanese company.


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