Microsoft has shown the Forza Street launch trailer as a reminder that the game is now available globally for iOS and Android devices under the free-to-play business model. The Forza franchise is widely known by Xbox players, but until now it has not been tested on mobile devices, a platform where we have also seen the Gears saga.

Forza Street is an experience “designed to be played whenever and wherever you want,” said Andy Beaudoin, director of game design. The game’s races and street events are set on Miami’s roads, boulevards and avenues, where players must drive using “fun-focused” controls and where the key is to accelerate, brake and boost at the right time. “It’s a fun, new and absolutely unique way to enjoy Forza,” said Beaudoin.

In addition to the competition developed throughout a narrative campaign, one of the main attractions of Forza Street is the collection of cars, which are considered the reward for crossing the line in first position. The game features all types of vehicles, from classic to modern sports cars and retro supercars. In addition to the campaign, Forza Street offers weekly, time-limited themed events and challenges. In all of them you can get more cars for the collection.


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