The year is not over yet and the good news keeps coming for the most popular battle royale of the moment. The numbers generated by Fortnite not only surprise the world of video games. Its impact is so great that the entire entertainment industry has watched them closely in recent months. According to the information of TechCrunch, the game of Epic Games generated 3,000 million dollars of profit in 2018, an unthinkable number when it was launched in September of 2017.

Revenues were achieved thanks to its model with microtransactions and its availability in all types of devices. Today it is possible to enjoy Fortnite on the computer, video game consoles and mobile devices, all offering a quite similar experience. Android was the last important platform to receive the title, increasing active users by several million.

Surely the income will have a remarkable increase thanks to the Christmas season, a time when more players join the battle. Although some have dared to predict the debacle of Fortnite, the fact is the game continues to grow month by month. This has led to millions of dollars of investments reaching Epic Games. Recently it was valued at 15,000 million dollars.

The North Carolina study has never revealed how much it invests in marketing and in maintaining such a robust infrastructure. Despite the large number of users who connect simultaneously, connection problems or server crashes are rare. Will they maintain the growth rate in 2019? If the content is constantly updated, they will probably repeat an extraordinary year.

The company, however, has not managed to silence the legal problems it has on several issues. Famous people like Alfonso Ribeiro, 2 Milly and Backpack Kid have filed demands for the dances that Fortnite has copied. They could only be the beginning of a legal storm, because until May of this year they had “stolen” 58 choreographies. Surely in the coming months we will know the outcome of this story.


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