Epic Games has released a new Fortnite gameplay called Avengers: Endgame. It’s temporary and, yes, it seems like marketing support for the release of the Avengers film.

But there’s more. The battle royale par excellence wanted to wink at Stan Lee, the comic book writer who passed away in November last year. According to Polygon, and then confirmed, when playing in Avengers mode, let’s choose the team we choose, at the end of the game always appears the word “Excelsior”.

Lee’s fans know what it’s all about. Excelsior was a very common expression of the father of Marvel superheroes. As Stan Lee himself explained a few years ago, that “Excelsior” was for him an “upward and forward to greater glory! That’s what I wish them every time I finish tweeting! Excelsior!”.

In Avengers: Endgame, Fortnite’s new game mode, we’ll have to choose between making a team of superheroes or super villains. All to fight for the power of the Infinity Stones. This time, Thanos is back next to a Chitaruri invasion. It’s about accumulating the Infinity Stones before Thanos. Superheroes or supervillains, all team members will reappear in the games until the objective is complete.


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