Fortnite is the king of the battle royale; it’s the game everyone’s still talking about; it’s the one with the most users; the one with the most people downloaded to their mobile. Yes, but PUBG Mobile makes more money.

It’s true that Tencent’s battle royale makes less noise and even seems to have assumed its secondary role. And yet its owners should care little: PUBG Mobile generates more revenue than Fortnite. It’s already over a billion dollars.

According to Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile has already generated more than $1 billion in total revenue. Much of it is due to the huge increase in profits over the past year; a 540% increase. From $25 million earned in August 2018 to $160 million in August this year.

China, the Chinese market where this battle royale is well established, explains these figures. In any case, even subtracting the Chinese market from the balance of PUBG Mobile, in mobile phones with iOS, the videogame increased its revenue so far in 2019 by 165% compared to last year.  After adding 45 million new players in August, twice as many as in July, the Tencent title already has more than 400 million theoretical users (people who have at least downloaded PUBG Mobile).

On the other hand, according to data handled by Sensor Tower, Fortnite’s revenues have decreased 36% in the same period.


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