Destiny 2 can be considered an indicator of the success or not of Google Stadia, since it was the star game of the launch of this streaming game service -it is offered free of charge with the Pro subscription- and it also takes advantage of the cross-save function, which means that the progress made in other versions can be taken to the Stadia ecosystem and played in many devices connected to the Internet. In theory it is one of the best games on the service to exploit its advantages, and according to the latest data, the number of users is falling rapidly since its release on November 19.

Although interest in the Shadow Bastion expansion has declined -it arrived in October-, the rest of the platforms where Destiny 2 can be played have not suffered such a drop in recent weeks. The numbers of players on November 26th were as follows:

PC: 494,000
PS4: 454,000
Xbox: 331,000
Google Stadia: 19,400

A month later, according to Charlemagne data, the number of players per platform was as follows:

PC: 437,000
PS4: 435,000
Xbox: 313,000
Google Stadia: 8,020

These figures imply an impressive drop of 58.7%

One of the most obvious problems with a game that is most enjoyed in company is the small gaming community in Stadia. On other platforms it is much easier to find friends or other users to form teams, but Stadia has fewer players and the game was launched years later than on other systems, with very little incentive to be played with cloud game technology.

It remains to be seen how the market will react with releases such as Cyberpunk 2077 -although it is launched later than in consoles and PCs- or the exclusive games promised by Google, and the support the company will give in the medium and long term. Although many analysts are confident that streaming will be very common in a few years, it will still take time before it stops being a complement to games executed locally.


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