EA Play Live 2020 was the setting chosen by Electronic Arts to showcase the first gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons, a space battle game that will feature a campaign and multiplayer mode. The title, developed by Motive Studios, will be available on October 2nd on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam, Origin) with cross-game and VR support for $39.99.

As already known, Star Wars: Squadrons is set after the events narrated in Star Wars: Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi, when the second Death Star has fallen but the imperial fleet remains a threat. The game’s story is told from alternate perspectives of the New Republic (Vanguard Squadron) and the Empire (Titan Squadron). The main characters are the fighter pilots Case Kassandra (Empire) and Rao Highmoon (Rebel).
The missions will allow you to pilot different starfighters like the X-Wing and TIE fighter, which can be modified to distribute power between their systems. Available scenarios include Yavin Prime, Esseles, the Nadiri Shipyards, Sissubo, Gaitan and Zaviano Abyss.

For the 5 vs. 5 multiplayer, the core experience of Star Wars: Squadrons, you must learn to pilot the various ships. The fighters are the most flexible and versatile; the interceptors are fast and very agile; the support ships protect and resupply the allies; and the bombers carry the heavy weapons. All of them (including the pilots) can be customized with items you get by playing. There are more than 50 components that modify how the ships fly, fight and survive.


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