In response to a question from a user on Twitter, EA Sports has come out to deny the myth of the handicap. Does it exist? They have offered a series of tweets explaining their vision behind the players’ beliefs.

What is a handicap? Basically, and always according to the popular belief of the players who believe in their existence, it would be a FIFA system that regulates the actions of the match according to the needs of the match and that would maneuver the actions of the players to prevent them from winning in some situations. To what end? To encourage users to keep playing and spending on FIFA Ultimate Team players. But does it exist? According to EA, no.

“As mentioned before, there is no scripted game, ‘handicap’ or ‘momentum’ in the game. We will try to summarize some details below: we built a football simulator implementing different concepts of real football. These concepts include an error system and physics that bring variety and authenticity to the game. By recreating the details of football, all the real-life results are possible”.

The players see it in a different way:

I thought the handicap was an excuse for youtubers and other crybabies… until I bought Fifa 19. Anyone who’s ever played and denied it is a crook.

Or are totally disappointed, so they won’t buy the game:

It’s the most unfair and manipulated game I’ve ever played in my life. Basically there comes a point where the CPU decides everything that happens… And it’s so badly made and it’s so brazen to the player that it’s an absolute disgrace. Not a penny will be left over in such a gibberish.


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