December 31, 2020 is the date marked on the calendar by Adobe to end Flash Player. Thus an era ends, an era of the Internet in which Flash Player has been a decisive factor in building and running web pages. Although most browsers and websites have already switched to HTML5 and other technologies, the death of Flash has side effects. For example, it will mean that the game ‘FarmVille’ on Facebook will have to close.

Adobe announced in 2017 that Flash is coming to an end and a few months ago confirmed the exact date: December 31st, 2020. Alternatives such as HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly have matured in recent years so it shouldn’t be a big problem, beyond some websites that are still relevant and used but have not abandoned Flash. Technology has played a very important role in the last two decades, but now it is time to move on to other alternatives.

FarmVille’ was the first big success of the video game developer Zynga, it achieved such popularity thanks to its presence on Facebook. More than a decade has passed since then and much has changed the platform in recent years. By the end of the 2010’s Facebook games were one of its main attractions, allowing to play directly on the web and with an extra social layer that allowed to interact with friends and acquaintances of the social network. AdWeek reported that in 2009 ‘FarmVille’ had more than 70 million active users.

Perhaps the madness of social games reached its peak when in December 2011 Zynga decided to go public with an initial public offering of $ 7 billion. A value that was largely due to ‘FarmVille’ and its extreme popularity despite being launched only two years earlier. The reality, however, was very different; shortly after that, the value of Zynga’s shares fell sharply.

In 2012 the popular game received a sequel, ‘FarmVille 2’. Unlike the original game, ‘FarmVille 2’ reached smartphones and in fact this second version is still alive and will not die on December 31st 2020. Zynga says that soon ‘FarmVille 3’ will also be available on smartphones.

Meanwhile, users who are still playing the original ‘FarmVille’ on the web will have to spend any remaining credits they have before December 31. Otherwise these credits will be lost and it will not be possible to access or retrieve them anymore.


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