Video games are not just another sector of the leisure industries, nor is Nintendo just another company among them. The identification of users with their games and their brands; their enthusiasm; their interconnection; their digital empathy… make gamers a special audience.

And about that, about empathy and communication of a company with its clients, Nintendo knows a lot. This is the only way to explain that the departure of Reggie Fils-Aime as president of Nintendo America was not a news item, but something that the fans lived as something very close to their lives.

Reggie was leaving after 13 years at the head of Nintendo’s North American division and did it… to be replaced by Bowser!!

(For neophytes: Bowser is Mario’s archenemy, the heroic plumber of Nintendo games, and Nintendo’s new boss in the US is Doug Bowser.)

On April 15, Reggie Fils-Aime resigned, who had already said goodbye in February. Back then, the fans, as always, looked at everything with a magnifying glass. They found no evidence of any conspiracy against the executive, but they did see one thing: he needed a new office chair. Reggie was in Nintendo of America for 16 years, 13 years at the head of the division, and always sitting on the same chair; a Herman Miller Mirra (that’s the brand) that already looked old. Or so Nintendo fans thought. So they initiated a petition for signatures on to give the executive a better seat. Nintendo was asked to give Reggie a new Herman Miller Aeron chair, considered “the highest standard in office furniture”. The target was 25,000 signatures and that’s more than 23,000. Nintendo has never said anything about the strange request.

It was Reggie himself who confirmed on Twitter that the Herman Miller company was going to fulfill the fans’ wishes: “Thanks to the Herman Miller team and the more than 23,000 who signed on I’ll have a fully equipped Aeron chair for my home office! I’ll post photos when I get there! The manufacturer’s account quoted the tweet of the former Nintendo executive, adding: “The pleasure is ours; we can’t wait for your chair to arrive!” The chair in question, the best of the best, costs $1,475.


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