Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is being the sensation of the moment in the video game world. The two million copies on Steam in less than a week is a good example of that. As well as the many players who have come close to the title by being one of PS Plus’ free games during the month of August. As is often the case when something succeeds, problems soon appear. And a trend has emerged in the game that will soon have to be solved by Mediatonic, the people responsible for the game.

No, we’re not talking about the players waiting at the finish line to throw the staff overboard. We’re talking about users who are cheating in the game, including hacks that allow their characters to run much faster than the rest of the competitors, upsetting the balance and taking the fun out of an adventure that should be encouraged by fun and fairness in trying to cross the finish line in the first place. The following video shows perfectly the advantage that this type of users take by means of actions of doubtful legality.

The worst thing is that it is not an isolated case. It is happening more and more in games and social networks like Twitter are filling up with videos that show that there are many users cheating to achieve the goal.

From Mediatonic, through the game’s official Twitter account, they have assured that they are aware that there are several users taking advantage of speedhacking, and that they are working to solve it as soon as possible, thanking the community for reporting the problem.


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