The classic evil criminal organization management game can be redeemed for free on Steam and saved forever at zero cost, although this promotion is for a limited time.

During E3 2019 the studio Rebellion announced that it was working on a sequel to Evil Genius, the classic 2004 simulator that allowed us to create and manage an evil secret society loaded with the purest style of traditional spy movies. Now, taking advantage of the current situation caused by the coronavirus crisis and as a pre-warm-up before publishing Evil Genius 2, the first installment can be downloaded for free on Steam for a limited time.

This has been shared by the studio itself in their social networks and on the Steam page of the sequel; there they explain that to redeem a free copy of Evil Genius you only have to access this link and follow the steps, which basically consist of creating an account on the Rebellion website and linking it to Steam. That way you can get the 2004 game for free on your PC: “It’s so easy that even a henchman could do it,” say the game’s managers with a smile.


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