Epic Games Store’s strategy, with its impressive free games, reached its zenith last May when it made GTA V available as a gift for all its users. The store of the creators of Fortnite rose to 61 million active users per month.

The other historic peak for the store, which averaged 13 million concurrent users, was also part of that well-measured strategy of giving away games like Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Civilization VI, to attract even more customers.

But while the growth of the Epic Games Store has been brutal since its launch, even crazy stuff like GTA V, including the collapse of the store’s servers, has not helped Epic take the lead.

Steam numbers reached over 23.5 million concurrent users during the Covid-19 confinement. Nearly 24 million people were playing at the same time on the Valve platform.

And while Epic Games Store numbers are rising like crazy, Steam numbers are not lagging behind. The latest numbers released by Valve are for the average monthly active users in 2019, where the store had about 95 million users.

It would be interesting to see what happens in the coming months.Whether that number of Epic Games Store users remains at an acceptable average based on more humble gifts, or whether they need new, spectacular incentives to continue to attract audiences.


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