Creative Assembly has shown for the first time a gameplay trailer for Total War Elysium, the free-to-play collectible card game set in the well-known strategy franchise. In addition, the company has announced that the title is already in closed beta on mobile phones (iOS and Android), devices on which it will focus before making the leap to the PC.

Total War Elysium “marks the expansion of Total War into a new genre within gaming by transforming its unique perspective on the strategy that has so defined the franchise,” explains Creative Assembly. Elysium is set in the city of legends and has a staff of some of the most prominent generals in history. Each has a unique way of playing, whether it is Napoleon’s long-range tactics, Cao Cao’s mind control or the aggressive style of Viking Lagertha.

The generals are accompanied by cards inspired by history, including armies and artillery such as guards armed with jian swords, catapults or warships. In the first trailer of Total War Elysium you can see different card types, leaders and skills in action.


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