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Author: Jeff Williams

World of Tanks for the Xbox One is looking to be quit the great addition and quite the improvement over its Xbox 360 counter-part. has been very busy putting the finishing touches on what could be a very well put together enhancement to World of Tanks, and I was able to see a great demo of it.

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World of Tanks for the Xbox One will have a revamped engine with improved Havok physics and a new PvE mode.

World of Tanks has been available on the PC and Xbox 360 since 2011 for PC and 2014 for the Xbox 360. On the 360 alone its enjoyed over 6 million downloads over its lifetime. World of Tanks has been a surprising hit since its inception, and now the Xbox One version will bring some much needed graphical and other updates.

The engine itself has been updated, rebuilt from the ground up to accommodate the increased power on tap in the Xbox One. The environments, maps and tanks have been completely remodeled with larger 4K textures and increased polygon counts throughout. Treads on the tanks themselves are now individually modeled to make it act and move like a real tank might. They conform to the ground and you can actually see the individual treads on the track moving when driving over an obstacle.Better environmental effects have also been created,  so that trees and grass will sway in the wind, while the real-time rendered clouds above casting realistic shadows as they move through the sky. This is no sky box here.

Weather effects have also been added and an update to the Havok physics engine allows for some very immersive battles and after-battle effects too. The destruction wrought on a locale will look and feel like someone has been fighting through there. Fire from burning buildings can start new fires and the smoke from debris will persist. Blowing buildings up and watching them crumble will look better than ever before. is also introducing what might be two industry firsts, the ability compete across the Xbox 360 and Xbox One as well as the ability to chat across the two platforms. To make it a fair fight between the two platforms and to minimize any advantages, however, the FPS has been locked to 30 FPS for both consoles. You might be worried about that limitation, but a smoother and constant 30 FPS is far better than only partly achieving 60 FPS and having performance dips throughout.

PvE is also being introduced in the newest update as well.

Something they’re also including is a new PvE mode so that you can practice with your new tanks or perhaps try out new tactics and strategies before a real match. This is also a good feature for the inexperienced coming on for the first time, letting you improve your skill before competing with the more competent players.


The improvements they made really look good, and make World of Tanks that much more appealing. I feel that it’s well suited to console controllers, and thus well suited to consoles themselves. Even in a non-completed state it looked and ran very smoothly. Even with a little action on the screen, the Xbox One was able to keep that 30 FPS very constant. And it does look markedly better as well.

Coming soon to an Xbox One near you, for free has a winning franchise on their hands already, but it’s about to become even more accessible. Any updates that come with the Xbox One version will also make their way to the Xbox 360, except the graphical changes of course.

The debut of World of Tanks on Xbox One will be on July 28th 2015. Until then you’ll be able to pre-download the game on July 10th and enjoy a public open beta on July 11th through the 12th. By doing so you’ll also receive an Xbox One exclusive tank.

If you were worried that you would lose all your progress by migrating to the new console, then don’t fret, you’ll be able to transfer all your progress to the Xbox One when it’s available.


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