Dr. Mario World, the puzzle video game, has returned 29 years after the release of its original title for the NES console. It’s available for mobiles, with iOS and Android. It can be downloaded and played “at a few starting levels” for free.

Nintendo’s new game returns to the classic video game Dr. Mario, whose original title was released in 1990 for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and also for GameBoy and arcades. The title has been very well received by fans. By comparison, Dr. Mario World has had a better debut than Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, released at the end of June, for download on Google Play and the App Store.

Game Industry tells that Dr. Mario World has managed to top the list of most downloaded games in less than 12 hours. In the United States, Nintendo’s title has reached the top of the list of most downloaded games on iOS in just a few hours. That’s what Harry Potter: Wizards Unite took one day. UK data is good, but not that good. Dr. Mario World has reached 9th place in the general list of most popular video games and first place in the list of puzzle titles.

The new title follows a puzzle mechanics in which you have to encapsulate different viruses to fight them, introducing them in capsules with the same colour and allowing you to use different characters like Dr. Mario and his friends (Dr. Peach, Dr. Bowser, Dr. Toad…).

Nintendo explains there are 200 phases distributed in different worlds, but that more worlds, phases and doctors will be added. Each of Mario’s friends has different abilities to kill viruses. Dr. Mario World includes two modes for interacting with other users: Adventure mode, to receive hearts of energy from other players, and Duel mode, where we’ll challenge others in one-on-one battles.


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