At the Epic Games Store, they’re going for it all these days, and they’re constantly offering up big names of their own as part of their free PC games every week. Last Thursday they gave away GTA V in the store and caused such a collapse that their servers were saturated for quite a while. And this week they’re bringing us another game that, while it doesn’t have that kind of pull – few names attract as much attention as GTA – is also one of the most popular offerings on PC. We are talking about Civilization VI, which is available for free as of this Thursday.

PC users with an Epic Games Store account can get Civilization VI for free if they add it to their library by May 28th, and as usual, the game is yours for free and forever, although you need to have two-step verification enabled on your Epic Games account to get the game (just by email or SMS)..

Civilization VI invites players to create their own civilization from the dawn of society in the purest 4X style. That is, improving cities and their culture, researching new technologies, expanding borders, building great wonders and, when diplomacy fails, entering the war against other civilizations.


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