Rainway is video game streaming to play all your PC games on your favorite screen. It is not a new project, but now it has gone from being just promises and illusion to a very serious reality.

Currently Rainway works from the Chrome browser, from an Android app, from an iOS app, and from today they have a new experimental app for Xbox that uses the universal platform of Windows. Let’s keep in mind that neither Stadia, nor GeForce Now, nor Project xCloud work in iOS, and even in Android they have limitations.

Basically, with Rainway you can take your games from services like Steam, Xbox Live, EPIC, or Origin, or even any DRM-free executable to another screen, as long as you have a PC capable of processing the game.
Rainway is kind of like a Steam Link but, honestly, it’s better at almost everything. First, because it doesn’t limit you to your Steam games, second because it’s much easier to set up, and third because it works on iOS, too.

To play Rainway you need this:

  1. A powerful gaming computer that’s capable of running the games you want to play well, and a good internet connection.
  2. Download Rainway Dashboard for Windows 10 on the same computer where you have installed the games you are going to broadcast.
  3. Install the Rainway app for either iOS or Android. You can also open Rainway from the web on any other computer (only works with Chrome or Chromium-based browsers).
    When you run Rainway on Windows 10 for the first time you will need to create an account, beyond that, there is not much to set up. The app automatically scans your system and adds all your games to the library: Steam games, Microsoft Store games, Xbox Game Pass games, EPIC games, Origin games, Rockstar games, Bethesda games, UPlay games, and almost any other launcher.
  4. Connect your mobile device, just click on “+ADD A DEVICE” from Windows, and you’ll get a QR code and an alphanumeric code that you’ll have to scan with or write in the Rainway app for your mobile or tablet (or browser).
  5. Then you just have to choose a game and start playing, it’s that simple. From each device you have a settings menu to configure various options, such as transmission quality, FPS, resolution, the hardware you transmit from, and several other things.

Normally Rainway adjusts everything automatically and the game usually works in a couple of clicks, as long as your computer is able to run it well. Depending on your connection and its stability you may have some lag, or the transmission may be interrupted sometime, but you should have no problem playing, even using a console controller via Bluetooth.

At the moment the service is completely free, with no advertising and no additional purchase of anything to make it work.
You should try it out.


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