It was leaked a few weeks ago and is now official. ‘Crysis’, the mythical shooter from Crytek, is back, this time remastered. The official account of the studio has just published on Twitter that ‘Crysis Remastered’ will arrive to PCs and consoles next September 18th and, of course, it will do it to test the players’ equipment, as it has not only received a generous face wash, but also 8K textures and ray tracing support.

‘Crysis’ is a well known shooter. The original version was released in 2007 and, at that time, it stood out for offering very well achieved graphics and a huge amount of visual effects. Running the game at maximum quality was a challenge even for the most powerful computers and this new remastered edition does not seem to want to be left behind in that aspect.

Crysis Remastered comes with new graphics, high quality textures with up to 8K resolution and support for a ray tracing solution. According to the company, it will serve to “upgrade the game to a new generation of hardware”, something that could be understood as a wink to the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. But not only that, but “thanks to CRYENGINE’s patented software” it will also offer ray-tracing on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Crytex has published a video in which we can see how the textures have evolved, which now stand out for offering a much higher level of detail, dynamic lighting effects and much more realistic reflections in the water. The study has also taken the opportunity to show off the performance of the game in Nintendo Switch, where it was launched last July.

The company has not given details about the history of the game, so we are waiting for more information about it. As we indicated before, ‘Crysis Remastered’ will arrive on September 18th to PC (through Epic Games), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $29.99. In Nintendo Switch it is already available for $29.99.


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