After the long life of Crusader Kings 2, it’s the turn of Crusader Kings 3, the next installment of Paradox Interactive’s beloved strategy and political intrigue saga set in the medieval era, with the freedom that its games offer when it comes to rewriting the history of empires. A game that was first shown in October 2019, and for which we now finally know its release date.

Crusader Kings 3 will be available on PC in September 1, 2020, for 49.99 euros through Steam and the shops of Microsoft and Paradox. Reservations are already active on their website, both for the base edition at this price, and for their special edition.

The ‘Royal Edition’ of Crusader Kings 3 raises the price a little more, to 74.99 euros, and brings the game along with the Expansion Pass which includes the first major expansion of the game and several add-on packs to be confirmed. Also, those who reserve the title in any of its editions will receive extra content with Holy Roman Empire costumes for the game.


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