Late last month Crucible was launched, Crucible’s foray into online shooting. A game that clearly hasn’t enjoyed the expected success, and that is already affecting the developer’s plans.

Relentless Studios, its creators, have released a statement where they talk about the changes they will make in the game based on the impressions received during these two weeks. One of the changes is undoubtedly quite drastic: eliminating two of its three game modes and leaving only one: Heart of the Hives.

Basically, what has happened is that the other two modes were not played by as many people as the other one. Removing Harvester Command and Alpha Hunters will allow them to make changes to the playable core and systems that they couldn’t make if they had to balance all three modes, they explain.

They are going to remove Alpha Hunters first, but so far they have only said that they will do so soon, and then it will be Harvester Command’s turn.


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