Amazon Game Studios had been working on Crucible, the e-commerce giant’s first AAA video game, for six years. Earlier this year they reaffirmed that they intended to launch it during the first half of 2020, and today they finally set a release date. It will be next May 20th when PC players will be able to download this proposal for free through Steam.

Crucible is a free to play title; its business model is inspired by the great industry successes of recent years such as Fortnite, Apex: Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone and League of Legends, to name just a few. Amazon’s original plan was to launch it last March, but the coronavirus pandemic became an obstacle. They’d probably have millions of players by now if they’d just gotten there in the first place.

In terms of its playable mechanics, the title will be similar to Overwatch or the recent Valorant. In other words, this is a third-person shooter in which team play will be essential. We will have a total of 10 characters at our disposal, each with different skills that can change the course of the battle. Their maps make us remember, to a certain extent, the style of Apex: Legends.

Crucible will also be launched with 3 game modes available.

  • Heart of the Hives, will pit 2 teams of 4 players against AI-controlled enemies.
  • Alpha Hunters will be the closest thing to the battle royale that we all know Alpha Hunters , as 8 teams of 2 users will fight each other until one survives. It was to be expected that Amazon would try to stalk Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty: Wallzone, although overcoming them looks quite complicated.
  • Harvester Command takes references from League of Legends: 2 teams of 8 people must defend certain areas of the map and collect the “essence” to level up their characters. Luckily, the studio shared a trailer with gameplay to get an in-depth look at each mode.


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