China doesn’t want to joke about the coronavirus crisis. And since in that country the government doesn’t owe anyone a debt, it has unilaterally decided -as it usually do- to eliminate from the country’s App Store a video game that goes from creating an infection that seeks to extinguish humanity.

The title is Plague Inc. In this strategy game a pathogen must be created and evolved to extinguish humanity. In the midst of the fight against Covid-19, the authorities have informed the studio responsible for this video game, the British Ndemic Creations, that they are withdrawing it from the App Store.

As the study explains in its blog, China justifies this decision because the game “includes content that is illegal” as determined by the Chinese Cyberspace Administration. But, in reality, those responsible for the video game believe that “it is not clear” whether the Chinese government’s decision is related to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

Ndemic Creations has tried to contact the Chinese authorities to change their mind. The study argues that “it is an intelligent and sophisticated simulation that encourages players to think and learn more about serious public health problems”.

Plague Inc. was launched in 2012 and has more than 130 million players worldwide, and has been the most popular pay title in China in recent years. With the arrival of the coronavirus, it had become the number one at app stores like Google Play.


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