For those who have entered to read this post just out of curiosity without knowing very well what it’s all about, I explain a little bit about what the game is about (those who are aware, can skip the next paragraph).

Call of Duty is a saga of shooting games that year after year is releasing versions in which, although the time or the conditions of the battles change, the player (in first person) participates as a soldier in different campaigns killing more or less enemies. It can be played within a story with a script, where the player will have to get to a point or destroy a target, alone or with other human partners, or it can be played against other players online. The latest success of the company that manages the game has been to offer a free battle royale game, like Fortnite, where 150 players start by parachuting themselves from a plane on a map that is getting smaller but only one can survive.

Is the problem in the graphics, the gameplay or any technical issues?

Not at all: in all these aspects the game is the best battle royale ever. Almost everything is developed with impeccable technical precision: the realism of the action is incredible and if you play on a console (on the PC it already depends on the machine you have) everything runs with an amazing fluidity. After playing Warzone for a while, starting Fortnite almost makes you feel ashamed. No chance.

Call of Duty Warzone

The problem is the cheaters, the cheats?

I guess on some level you can see the presence of cheats, even though the company is trying hard to claim that they are expelling several thousand players every day, you only have to look around the Internet to see that there is a flourishing cheat business for this game, which makes it much easier to get a win, even though changes are also being made to the game to make cheating more difficult. In addition to asking PC players for a mobile number, one of the most brilliant strategies is to get all the cheaters into a game together without telling them so that they kill each other and suffer in their flesh from the cheating of others.

It’s hard for ordinary mortals to know whether we’re dealing with a cheater or one of the beasts of war that are on the loose on the map and can shoot your head off from a thousand feet before you’ve even got it in your sights.

The problem is matchmaking

If you put one hundred and fifty players in a room and draw a winner, each player will be (more or less) awarded a prize one time out of one hundred and fifty. It’s difficult but with patience you can win once in a while. The problem arises when you mix different players in a room in a game of skill in which some of them are artists: the rest of the room can only wait until it’s their turn to face one of those machines to be eliminated. And that’s what happens in Warzone.

With no system to separate novices from experts, the games always consist of experts killing a bunch of novices and playing the final rounds against each other.

For the vast majority of players, the game consists of parachuting in, picking up some weapons and being taken out by an enemy with much better aim or with stealth capabilities so great that you can’t tell which way the shots came until you see a replay of your own death. And so again and again, with no more emotion or chance of ever winning a game: jump, loot, die; jump, loot, die; jump, loot, die …

Call of Duty Warzone

And what is the solution to that problem?

The solution (maintaining a certain homogeneity by ping, which with so many millions of players wouldn’t be difficult) is to make every time someone wins a game, he moves up to a higher level, let’s call it the veterans’ level where he competes with other people who have also won a game. If after x games, say 50, they have not won any at their new level, they go back down to the beginner’s level.

Those who win games at the veteran level would be promoted to a higher level, either Green Berets, where they have 50 games to prove their skills or go back to the lower level and win some games again!

That way, players would participate in matched games against people of their same level and with a real chance of winning a game from time to time.

Final Remarks

First, there must be something that escapes me in this analysis because I don’t understand that none of the most popular shooting games have a similar system of promotions and demotions and they all insist on promoting you and giving you stripes and guns and I don’t know what else despite always losing. I don’t want to be the driver who drives on the left and calls all the cars that come in front of him crazy, but am I the only one who sees this problem? Why do they forget about those of us who are one-armed? Is it that our money is not enough for them to pay their bills?

Secondly, when you read analyses or watch videos about the game and its virtues, its fantastic possibilities and the hundreds and hundreds of games that can be played, bear in mind that they are written or recorded by people who play the game more or less professionally and who are part of the select club (along with the rat kids and some unemployed millennials) of those who do win games from time to time but who cannot tell you not to play Warzone because they need cannon fodder. And that’s where you come in.



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