Call of Duty: Warzone is the free Battle Royale that arrived last March from Activision and Infinity Ward. The title, which has quickly enjoyed the warmth of the players, aims to offer its community events similar to those of Fortnite. If there’s one thing we know about the popular Epic Games game it’s that it offers different modes in order to keep the gameplay fresh. Warzone has certainly taken note of this practice, as players have found 13 game modes in their archives that aim to introduce them to the title in the future.

In this week’s 15 GB update, players have found references to new modes: for example, we can find a game mode that relies on classic Battle Royale mechanics, while others allow players to start games with their own equipment and loads. There is also a game mode where the circle will advance faster than our ability to run, or a mode where high damage guns and explosive physics will be the protagonists.

Please note that these files also refer to the Duos, so it is possible that in this current season this possibility will be offered to users. At the moment, the title is enjoying its Season 3. The dataminers have also made references to the red access cards, which have begun to appear in Warzone. According to users, the cards can appear in three colours: red, blue and green, while in the secret bunkers on the map we can enter different codes, although it is not yet known how to do this successfully.

Below is a list of the 13 game modes that users have found among the Call of Duty: Warzone archives, accompanied by a short description:

  • Classic BR: no money, contracts, gulags, charges or reappearances
  • Mo Gulag Mo Problems: Dead players go to the Guag up to the final 3 circles, NO repurchases
  • BYOL: Bring your own load or start with your own load
  • Non Stop: Gas Stations Closed
  • PewPew: Highly Damage and Explosive Guns
  • Run Like Hell: The circle is faster than a player running
  • Bottom Line: When a player dies, he will return to the fight if he has enough money on him. The Gulag is disabled.
  • Realism: Minimum HUD
  • Infinite Gulag: (No description)
  • Most Wanted: (No description)
  • One shot: (No description)
  • Stimulus: (No description)
  • Inflation Redeployment: (No description)


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