Judging by the discovery of a mysterious video, it seems that the move is imminent. In fact, it would be Season 4, which would bring the battle-royale players from Verdansk to Urzikstan.

Data miners published a video yesterday on Reddit – supposedly from the game’s archives – that shows the map of Verdansk saturated with red dots and a panorama covering the adjacent plane of Urzikstan.

Although the veracity of this alleged leak remains to be proven, the hypothesis is credible, since the campaign of the game takes place in two countries, fundamentally, Verdansk – clearly inspired by Ukraine – and Urzikstan – inspired by Syria. If it is corroborated, Urzikstan would bring with it a more desert setting and would house maps such as Crash, Rust or Backlot.

It is also important to point out that Warzone is shaping up to be a massive long-term project, which would encompass the next generation and perhaps future installments of the series, as Taylor Kurosaki, writer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has recently confirmed that Warzone will host events at the Fortnite style and will be on the new consoles. The mysteries of the current map remain to be solved, the existence of this hypothetical new scenario or matched games, which less than 6 months before the arrival of a new installment of the series and a hypothetical new battle-royale, would be difficult to understand.


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