For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the last release of the saga that came out in 2019, Activision made the decision to erase the loot boxes, with all the randomness that they have (that is, the luck factor, which many understand turns the video game into a lottery). The study opted instead for downloadable content or DLC.

The decision was a wise one. Call of Duty players are spending more money after the disappearance of the loot boxes. It seems that users have less trouble spending on specific downloadable content, knowing what it is, than leaving it all to fortune.

The disappearance of the loot boxes was accompanied by another change that Activision included in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: the Season Pass has been replaced by the Battle Pass.

Activision’s president, Rob Kostich, has welcomed the financial report of the latest version of Call of Duty. According to his data, eliminating the loot boxes and the Season Pass has increased players’ spending by “a two-digit percentage”.

“I would say the fans really appreciate the new system. We’re also seeing an increase in in-game payments. I think that’s a very positive sign,” said Kostich.

At the same event, Activision confirmed that a new installment of Call of Duty will arrive in 2020. However, those responsible for the study gave no further details, not even the name of the developer.


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