New maps and multiplayer modes will be coming into the game as part of this free update, four Special Operations are also being advanced; not all will be available today.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare opens the doors today to Season 1 content, which Activision presented as the “biggest free content update in the history of the saga”. New maps and multiplayer game modes come together in this new avalanche of novelties, while players will also be able to enjoy at least four Special Operations. The company has presented the trailer for this Season 1, where it shows the aforementioned content; we remind you that not everything will be available from today, December 3, but Activision will be implementing it in each platform little by little.

Season 1 of Modern Warfare

These are the different novelties that are prepared to begin to arrive at Modern Warfare, with the beginning of this first season. It should be noted that Activision promises the arrival of more maps, game modes and special operations in addition to those mentioned below:


The new maps that will be available in the game are Crash, Vacant and Shipment: we can enjoy them in the usual multiplayer mode, while Shipment can also be played in Shooting, which also receives the Cargo and Atrium scenarios. The Land War mode also receives the Port map.

Game Modes

  • Reinforce: This mode combines Domination and Search, where two teams will have to take control of three flags… with only one life.
  • On Site Procurement: Consists of a 2v2 tactical mode where players start fighting each other with fists. As the game progresses, they will get more equipment.
  • Infected: Zombie fans will love to know that in this game mode users who die are revived as infected, and will have to infect those who are alive.

Special Operations

  • Bomb Squad: it’s our turn to sow peace in the city of Al-Raab, where Barkov’s faithful have planted explosives.
  • Grounded: we will have to face those who have taken over Barkov airbase.
  • Pitch Black: it’s time to infiltrate Barkov’s old farm, recover all the Intelligence required and proceed to extract it with a Tactical Rover.
  • Just Reward: your squad points at the head of the enemy of a financial operation, hacking into its data centers and obtaining intelligence.

On the other hand, it is expected the content of Modern Warfare’s Battle Pass, which will include the Ram-7 (an automatic rifle) and Holger-26 (a submachine gun from the Holger rifle model), will also be presented today. Activision and Infinity Ward have already pointed out that players unlock items as they devote time to the game. In addition, Modern Warfare’s Battle Pass to will have no items that would be an advantage over other players.



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