What a noise Joker made! The film starring Joaquin Phoenix has been a colossal and planetary success. In fact, it’s already the highest grossing adult film in history, surpassing the $788 million raised worldwide, with which it beat Deadpool’s record.

Cinema needs a lot of publicity, a lot of noise, in order to remain a multi-million dollar industry. Video games, on the other hand, need much less public exposure… to be a round business. Let’s remember, the sector is one step away from being the biggest cultural industry.

According to market research firm IBISWorld, the global video game market achieved a turnover of around 122.5 billion euros in 2018. It is almost the same as that of the film and television industry in the same year (it reached 123.5 billion).

The latest proof of the strength of video games has just been given by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The Activision’s title generated more revenue than Joker in its premiere.

The study tells the last Call of Duty achieved in its first three days on sale a revenue in excess of 600 million dollars. That means that it is the most popular pay game of 2019.

Activision has compared its profits to those generated by the movie everyone talks about. So, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare already made more money than Joker. Todd Phillips’ film got $93.5 million in its first weekend and $548 million in its first week.

“In the first 3 days of its release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare generated more than double Joker’s initial box office,” exclaimed Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. The satisfied director recalls that his video game “is once again the best-selling premium title of the year.

The sales of the latest Call of Duty are being better than any other delivery in the room. The PC version has had the best premiere of the series on this platform.


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