After its exclusive availability in China under the name Legends of War, Call of Duty: Mobile will finally expand to the rest of the world. Activision confirmed that the online multiplayer game will be available from October 1 on both iOS and Android. It will be completely free, however, embraces the popular – and much criticized – business model with microtransactions, so it will be possible to acquire some cosmetic objects.
The game will offer the most emblematic modalities, maps and characters of the franchise.

The company promises to offer various competitive modalities: Frontline (zombies), Team Duel, Domination, Gun Game, Search and Destroy and a battle royale for up to 100 players. On the latter, you can play solo, duets or teams of up to 4 members. The map will integrate several known locations of the franchise and vehicles such as an ATV, a helicopter and a tactical raft.

You’ll also find some of Call of Duty’s most iconic maps, including Hijacked, Crash, Crossfire and Nuketown. The characters are also well known, being possible to select Soap MacTavish and Ghost, to mention a few. Taking advantage of the announcement, they released a trailer that shows the main novelties of their proposal. You can see it below:

Like the console version, you’ll be able to create your own configurations of weapons, soldiers, operator skills, and killstreaks. Of course, they will make available a system of progression by ranks. Beyond the launch content, Activision ensures that in the future they will add new maps, modalities and characters, although they didn’t mention if they will be free.

It is important to mention that Tencent, the entertainment giant in China, was also involved in the project. In fact, his studio Timi was responsible for the development. Without a doubt, Call of Duty: Mobile could become one of the most serious competitors of PUBG Mobile, which in recent months has remained the rival to beat in mobile devices.


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