Security breaches at video game companies are not something that happens every day, but when there is one, it gets serious. Sony has been through that before, so for the future they want to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The PlayStation company announced today that its Bug Bounty program is going public. Previously, it was managed privately with security researchers, but now anyone can participate and search for vulnerabilities on PS4 and PS Network. Sony will pay a monetary reward for finding them.

They have partnered with HackerOne for this purpose, where they have their own fault-finding page. There are details of the various payments we can get for reporting bugs to Sony.

The highest payout is $50,000 if we find critical bugs on PS4, and $3,000 if we find them on PS Network. The lowest category for minor errors is paid at 500 euros on PS4 and 100 on PS Network. Of course, there are several intermediates.

The page warns that the only entity able to determine whether rewards will be paid is PlayStation. They also clarify that they will only pay if it is a mistake that has never been seen before. You can see many more details on the relevant website.


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