Brain Training is back; this time for Nintendo Switch.

We’re talking about this mythical title of logic and puzzles originally developed for Nintendo DS. Its debut took place in Japan in May 2005. Known in some markets as Brain Age, it was based on the work of neuroscientist Ryuta Kawashima. From the very beginning, it was a success, also gaining the approval of an audience outside video games at the time.

Nintendo resurrects Brain Training for its hybrid console. The official announcement indicates that Brain Age: Nintendo Switch Training will be released in Japan on December 27. The new issue will be distributed in both physical and digital formats at a price (in Japan, at the moment) of about 30 dollars. The physical game will be accompanied by an intelligent pencil, necessary for various exercises.

Brain Age: Nintendo Switch Training will include exercises similar to those we’ve seen in past editions. But it brings novelties: those that make new technologies possible. The title brings this time proofs that will use the sensor and the movement camera of the Joy-Con. There will also be competitive exercises for two players, world tournaments, online leaderboards and a feature to schedule training sessions.

The new Brain Training will not be compatible with the Joy-Con grip or the Switch Pro Controller and in some cases with Nintendo Switch Lite.


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