Bots in public games come to PUBG for consoles with their seventh season. The game, which is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, will incorporate this new feature with version 7.1, which updates the Vikendi map and introduces other new features.

This will be done on April 28th. On April 27th, a maintenance session will begin with the servers shutting down for four hours. When the servers return, the new Survivor Pass (entitled Cold Front) and the other new features will be available to players. “We see that more and more often many new players are removed very early without having removed anyone, and sometimes without doing any damage,” they explained.

“Bots can have both a negative and positive impact on a game depending on how they are programmed,” and the company’s goal is to get them to help provide realistic-looking opponents with concrete goals and advanced reactions. The goal is to achieve a better experience for all players, regardless of their skill level.

“We hope that introducing the bots will help players to practice their skills more, achieve a better average result and maybe even eat chicken for the first time,” referring to winning the game.


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