The wait has gone on forever since its announcement at The Game Awards 2017, but we’ve finally seen the Witch of Umbra again. Bayonetta 3 will arrive sometime in 2022. The announcement of the ambiguous release window comes accompanied by a three-minute-plus gameplay trailer shown at the Nintendo Direct.

The gameplay shows a Bayonetta who, in addition to a new hairstyle (this time she goes for long braids), has new moves up her sleeve that are shown off in various confrontations: against what appears to be a huge angel on the streets of a city and against several opponents on a moving streetcar.

There is no lack of his infernal demon allies, whom he can now control directly: the spider, the eagle, and of course the dragon, who stars in a spectacular sequence at the end of the trailer where he chases another huge beast while the skyscrapers of the city collapse, deform and create impossible paths. At the conclusion of the video appears the silhouette of Jeanne, who like the Witch of Umbra also premieres hairstyle.

“A Bayonetta with a new style returns to fight her opponents using her trademark Witch Time!” explains Nintendo. “This time, she’ll use her new Demon Masquerade ability to channel the power of demons and engage in exuberant action.” Among her new powers we have also seen how she is able to create a rocket and launch herself alongside it against enemies.

Bayonetta 3 is produced by Yuji Nakao and directed by Yusuke Miyata. Character design is once again by Mari Shimazaki, while the cinematic scene directors are Yuji Shimomura and Masaki Suzumura. Saga creator Hideki Kamiya is credited as executive director, and Atsushi Inaba as executive producer.


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