Batman: Arkham Knight for PC release


The super Batman is set to now battle with the mysterious Arkham Knight and the long term beef is about to settle as the launch release date for PC users is on October 28th 2015, though the awesome game has been out and around since June 23 2015 with PlayStation 4 and Xbox users.

This is coming on the edge when it was pulled out of Windows platform for its inconsistency and broken parameters 5 months ago, and even then on super computers, the game couldn’t keep up a steady frame rate or offer an unwavering experience.

The good news is that the flaws have been taken care of and fixed hence the final release for PC going live by October 28th 2015.


Warner Bros and its partner – the Company in charge of the game and all its consoles has confirmed this release date and is not a hearsay or probability as the updated PC version will be made available Oct 28.

The Batman: Arkham Knight is based on DC Comics’ core Batman license and is already on ground for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox.

So everyone who has been expecting this good news, brace up as you can start enjoying your awesome Batman game series of this version on your PC in the coming weeks.

Warner Bros after the announcement also made a list of vital areas they would be concentrating on for refining performance and they are:

  • Maintenance for frame rates above 30FPS in the graphics settings list of options
  • Solution for low resolution texture bug
  • Develop overall performance and frame-rate snags
  • Increase more choices to the graphics settings menu
  • Enhancements to hard drive streaming and snags
  • Address full screen rendering bug on gaming laptops
  • Enhancements to system memory and VRAM usage
  • NVIDIA SLI bug fixes
  • Facilitating AMD Crossfire
  • NVIDIA and AMD updated drivers

Warner Bros says the project is vital and while they are yet making obvious progressive steps on augmenting performance, it will take some moments to guarantee that they get the right fixes in place.

It should be noted though the premier patch for the PC version of this game which was made available days ago put up a bug that disabled rain effects and ambient obstruction, but did not advance performance nor did it eliminate the 30fps cap. However this has been promised to be taken care of following its modified list.

The team at Warner Bros with other operating partners is up on the task and working very hard to assuage all issues with many features being targeted in order to offer the best probable experience for the PC community. This extremely wide anticipated addition of this legendary game blended with the celebrated Arkham series surely offers game players the awesome and all-inclusive Batman experience as they slash thru the streets and fly across the horizon of the fullness of Gotham City. In this volatile climax, Batman faces the eventual peril against the city that he is under oath to safeguard, as his enemy returns to bond the tremendous delinquents of Gotham and destroy Batman persistently.

Don’t miss out on this PC release!



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