A month after its launch, Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment, confirmed that Apex Legends already has 50 million players. In the tweet, in addition, a video is included in which curious statistics of the game are shown (including the streaming of the famous grandfather who is able to eliminate you without using the sight).

Apex Legends has had an impressive breakthrough. In a few days he managed to beat the record of hours of transmission on Twitch, positioning himself ahead of Fortnite. Unlike traditional releases, its arrival on the market was surprising and without a powerful marketing campaign, as Electronic Arts does with its games.

Although some analysts indicate that Fortnite is not the rival to beat, the truth is that when comparing the growth curve of both games we see that Apex Legends has managed to reach 50 million players in a quarter of the time of what it took to Fortnite.

Apex Legends is a potential gold mine and its creators know it. During the next months new game modalities will be implemented to keep the gameplay fresh and attract new players. Respawn wants to experiment with special modes that have already applied in Titanfall, something that may end up convincing some fanatics of the franchise who still do not try the game.

Added to the modalities and new Legends, there is also interest to position the game in the field of e-Sports. Overwatch and Fortnite have worked hard on this aspect, the first with their professional league and the second with a World Cup that will celebrate its end in the middle of the year.

Respawn will have to experiment with more tournaments and find the perfect balance with the content to keep his new game attractive. Another point to analyze will be a possible mobile version, something that was vital for Fortnite to reach 200 million players.


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