Born in 2018 as a low-budget indie project, the multiplayer game of betrayal and deception has jumped to fame this summer to become the viral success of the moment. Such has been the triumph, that Innersloth announced a few weeks ago an Among Us 2 as a sequel, to extend the proposal of the game without having to rewrite an old-fashioned code, not suitable to make him added. But now, a few days after its announcement, the studio changes its mind: Among Us 2 has been cancelled.

In an official statement, the study comments that, given the large number of people who currently enjoy Among Us, they prefer to focus on improving the first game and implementing the planned additions to it, even if that means more work when fighting with its original code: “The main reason we want a sequel is because the code of Among Us 1 is very outdated, and it is not created to support the addition of so much new content”.

“However, seeing the amount of people who are enjoying Among Us makes us want to support the game and take it to the next level. We’ve decided to cancel Among Us 2 and instead put all our efforts into improving Among Us 1,” says Innersloth. “All of the content we had planned for Among Us 2 will now be moved to Among Us 1. This is probably the most complicated option, as it involves going deep into the core of the code and rebuilding various parts of it.

“We have a lot of things planned, and we’re excited to offer new content to everyone, while you continue to enjoy the game. With the announcement of Among Us 2, the study talked about increasing the number of players in the games, improving social features, adding more roles to the game and some other “surprises”. With this new announcement, it is understood that these contents will arrive now to the first game, still without a date for it, although the study has already confirmed the first improvements in which they think to work.

On the one hand, the servers. The study comments that they are working on solving the server problems, although “there is not yet an estimated date” for their conclusion. They are also going to add accessibility features for colorblind players, a new map, and a system of accounts and friends to, presumably, facilitate the creation of games. We recently learned that Among Us had registered more than 1.5 million simultaneous players, and with the more than 41 million mobile downloads in the last month, which are not the totals, it seems that Among Us has some very busy months ahead.


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