eSports has become a business that moves millions. The organisation of international tournaments in stadiums attended by hundreds of fans, sponsorships, event broadcasting rights, the increase in consumer spending… everything is starting to have dizzying figures. Electronic sports already move around 906 million dollars a year and it is estimated that this figure will reach 1,650 million in 2021, according to Newzoo data.

All this means that yes, you can make a lot of money playing video games… if you are good. The eSports tournaments already give great cash prizes, even if those who win them are not even adults.

This is the case here: Kyle “Bugha” Giersdor, a 16-year-old, has taken 3 million dollars to win a Fortnite tournament. Bugha was the best in the Fortnite World Cup, a tournament that took place at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. This American teenager has won the tournament with an overwhelming difference. To win the trophy, Bugha scored 59 points, almost double the second and third places, his compatriots Psalm (33 points) and Epikwhale (32 points). All of them have been rewarded: $3 million for the winner, $1.8 million for the second and $1.2 million for the third.

The Fortnite World Cup also featured a pair tournament. The champions were Nyhrox and Aqua, who also won $3 million.


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