Once again, reality overcomes fiction.

If in this age of video games, the battle royale (mainly Fortnite) moves masses and millionaire audiences, who would not want to play a battle royale in real world?. The thing, however, would come out expensive. Maybe that’s why the idea of mounting a real battle royale has come out of the head of a millionaire, who wants to take the action of that “all against all” to a private island.

The story, in this case an ad, comes from HushHush.com. The editors of this website describe themselves as the Amazon of millionaires. On this site has been published the announcement of a person looking for a private island to make a battle royale reality. T

he plan of the millionaire in question, anonymous him, is to invite a hundred randomly chosen people to participate in this “real video game”. According to the announcement, the royal-real battle will last 3 days. It will not be played all the time, something physically unrecommended in reality, but half of each of those days. 36 hours in total.

At the moment the rules are not clear; the announcement on HushHush says nothing about it. Only that it will be played with airsoft guns. Proof that things are serious, and that the inspiration will be in video games, is that the millionaire who drives it also wants to incorporate a game designer into the project. On the island, the one they are still looking for, there will be food, camping equipment and professional medical attention. The winner of this life-size battle royale will win a prize of 100,000 pounds.


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