DOOM is a classic video game. It is considered one of the pioneers of first-person shooting. This legendary FPS was released in 1993 and has since won the favor of a legion of followers with its numerous sequels, expansion packs and even a movie. In 1996, Next Generation ranked DOOM 19th best game of all time, for how “despite hundreds of imitation titles, no one has been able to match the original”.

During these years some fans have dedicated themselves to play its original version, the one of 1993, in a printer, a toaster or in the instrument panel of a car. The last idea was to play DOOM at a McDonalds cash register. The enthusiast who has achieved this is Ryan Edgar. The 19-year-old Australian has told it on his Twitter profile. There he has shown us the screen of the register and the game already loaded.

And it’s not that Edgar works at a store in this junk food chain and has done it behind the backs of his bosses; he simply got his hands on a McDonalds cash register after a branch renovated its equipment. Ryan copied ZDOOM to a USB and used his computer to link it to the cash register and get it to run the mythical video game.

The only problem was to adjust the hamburger chain’s own software. He told Kotaku Australia: “I was able to run explorer.exe by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and access the file explorer, but there was some kind of strange encryption”. McDonalds uses its own software called PC POS, the original version of which was created for MS-DOS, but in an updated version (New-POS) released on Windows XP Pro. The Australian gamer says he is so satisfied with the performance of the McDonalds cash register that he will continue to use it as a second PC. His next challenge, Ryan Edgar said, is to do the same with Sonic Adventure 2.



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