Funbie Studios has created templates with a 3D printer to facilitate the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game. This 3D model is placed on top of the mobile and fits perfectly with the drawing of the spell to be cast, so the player only has to run his finger through the guide as fast as possible.

The company, which also has projects focused on Warcraft, Overwatch or Transformers, has opened its own Patreon for funding and already has models of the eleven most common spells, although it plans to include more. “We’ve already played much of the game but we’re not very good with spells, so we thought it would be fun to create a small template to guide spell casting,” they say on their website.

They’ve created several models with different widths that fit into phones of different sizes and are open to fans printing them at home and testing their functionality to improve them.

If Harry Potter: Wizards Unite already has this kind of trick, its predecessor Pokémon Go couldn’t be less. Shortly after the game’s launch three years ago, many mobile phone housings began to emerge to facilitate the launch of Pokéballs. This is the case, for example, with this 3D model created by Jon Cleaver. The user shared his design for iPhone 6 and 6s so that everyone could print it at home and make perfect launches. Therefore, it seems that Funbie Studios is not the first to have thought about using templates to facilitate these augmented reality games.


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