Fortnite has been absorbed by a black hole and its fans have panicked and even speculate with the end of the video game before the impossibility, from this Sunday, to access the system.

The people in charge of Fortnite had been announcing for days an important event for this Sunday and the most widespread idea was that it was an update on the occasion of the end of its tenth season. After what happened -the game was devoured by a black hole after falling a kind of meteorite on the island-, which opens the range of theories: from a technical problem to a maneuver to close the tenth season and provoke suspense for the eleventh.

However, the thesis that it could be the end of the videogame -at least as we know it- is reinforced after a tweet published from the official account where it reads: “This is the end”.

So far, Epic Games, the company behind the game, has not given an official explanation of what may have happened. Meanwhile, from the Twitter account of the company that created the game, the game has been removed from its header and is not available for download in their online store.


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