It has been the chain of stores US Best Buy that has spoken before time. In the last hours he updated his page dedicated to the Switch with new functionalities, especially dedicated to enjoy content by streaming.

Specifically, three very familiar names appear: Netflix, Hulu and YouTube; depending on the page, we will only have to connect the console to the Internet to stream movies, listen to music, and enjoy a “variety of content”. That is, the same experience that we already have in other systems.

The key is that the Switch is a portable console (that can become a desktop console), so we can enjoy this content anywhere. It is not clear if these apps will have the option to download content to see it offline, but it would be rare that they did not have it. For now, Best Buy has removed that section and says it is an error.

Both Netflix and YouTube have collaborated with Nintendo in the past, so the launch of these apps is not surprising. The Wii U, the predecessor of the Switch, already had apps of both services, with its own interface and adapted to the command screen; Even Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčavailable on the Nintendo 3DS.

Therefore, this is not the most surprising announcement that Nintendo could make this E3; but it is a good indication that their success is making them recover the favor of the app developers.


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