If the current mobile applications for creating deepfake videos were not enough, now a new one has just appeared on the scene that will provide us with hours of fun and entertainment, although fortunately, the weekend is very near.

This is Wombo, which today is already giving a lot to talk about, and we may have already seen some videos on social networks, basically allowing us to animate images of faces by synchronising the movements of the lips based on the chosen songs, currently having available about 14 popular songs to choose from, although more will come on the way.
More fun at the expense of deepfakes

For best results, the application recommends using photos from the front, at eye level, and if possible, without showing your teeth, allowing both the use of photos captured directly with the camera of the mobile phones as well as those photos already saved on them.

Even so, it must be taken into account that the movements will appear somewhat exaggerated, a little ridiculous, obtaining low resolution videos, to allow them to be shared on social networks, nothing to deceive with respect to the resulting deepfakes that can be created by professionals with specialised tools.

Based on motion transfer

And as with MyHeritage’s latest feature, called Deep Nostalgia, which has also given a lot of buzz, Wombo has also made use of video clips, called base videos (MyHeritage calls them driver videos), where it basically uses machine learning to transfer the lip movements of the actors participating in the video clips to the lips of the faces available in the images uploaded by users from the application, which conversion process takes a few seconds.

Wombo is available for free (although it has a premium level with priority processing and free of ads) through its app for Android and iOS devices.

Regarding concerns about user privacy, CEO Ben-Zion Benkhin says he takes it seriously, noting that all data is deleted and is not shared or sent to anyone else.

On the copyright issue, there are already musicians who have approached the app’s managers, asking them to incorporate their music, allowing their work to reach a wider audience and become better known, in addition to the fact that the rights of existing songs are currently being addressed to avoid future problems.


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