One of the advantages of owning several mobile applications is that if a function succeeds in one of them, you can apply it to another one without having to fight for copyright.

So, as Instagram revolutionized the world of photography with its ‘boomerang’ function, which allowed loop photography, now WhatsApp, another of Mark Zuckerberg’s apps, imitates the previous one and plans to offer its users the same tool. The new feature will be introduced in the coming weeks and is currently being tested, so it will work perfectly when launched for the 1.3 billion WhatsApp users.

Currently, you can record a video through WhatsApp and turn it into a gif, but ‘boomerang’ will be a little different because it will play it back and forth in a loop, making the video swing like a wall clock pendulum. The option will be available in the video panel (the same one that allows the user to convert a clip to gif) when it does not exceed seven seconds, and can be used to easily create a boomerang with his recordings.


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