For some time, WhatsApp has a feature called Change Number, which facilitates this process, although it is not as functional as users would like. But this will change soon, according to the improvements that can already be seen in the beta version of WhatsApp.

So far, the Change Number function only allows you to perform two specific actions, migrate all the content of your account, and unlink it from the old phone number. In the new beta version, it offers more options.

It gives the option to users to choose if they want to notify their contacts that they have changed the number, or not. As we see in the images they shared by WABetaINfo, we will have several possibilities:

We can choose to notify all contacts, select some of them, or simply inform people with whom we have an open chat. And if we are not interested, we simply do not select any option, and in the future we will have to carry out the process manually.

And a detail to keep in mind, is that the groups to which we belong will be alerted to the change, regardless of the option we choose. The rest of the process required to change the number in the account remains the same.

These new options can already be tested in beta version 2.18.97 for Android.


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