WhatsApp takes some time in a particular war against unofficial customers, and even though there was no official position against those applications that add special features to WhatsApp, the truth is that they have been banning users for unofficial apps for a while. Now, it seems that the official position of the company will be to reject the use of all applications that are not official, doing away with all those extra functions not officially recognized.

The company has had to update its question and answer page to clarify all this subject of the banned accounts. Basically, the company points out that if a user has suffered a ban is simply to use an unofficial application, and to skip this restriction should download the official application.

The company also offers help to back up the chats of this type of applications, and mentions two of the most popular: WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp are the examples for which the company shows that they violate its terms and conditions. use, and for which the accounts will be banned.

WhatsApp wants, of course, to control his product, so you have to avoid any unofficial application, and that includes many of the alternatives for smart watches such as Apple Watch or Samsung, none is official and are not approved, what can be a ban on the account and therefore lose all our conversations.


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